10 Designer Tips for Creating Your Dream Closet

Have you always dreamed of having a closet like Carrie Bradshaw? A closet that you absolutely love? Having an amazing closet doesn't have to be a far fetched dream it just takes a bit of space and a little planning. Use these 10 steps to create the closet of your dreams:

1. Select a Special Backdrop

When it comes to your dream closet not just any wall treatment will do. Select a vibrant wall colour or wallpaper that truly feels special. Your cabinetry will be neutral (white, wood, or black) and will balance the boldness of the walls. We love colourful modern wallpaper in large scale patterns like the image above.

2. Hooks are Your Friends

Hooks are handy for preparing your outfit for the next day, airing out a jacket, hanging hats or scarves, or hanging handbags.

3. Use Trays to House Small Accessories

Placing small items like sunglasses or jewelry in trays makes them feel extra special and it helps maintain organization.

4. Keep Storage Bins Consistent

Maintain unity and eliminate visual clutter by using consistent bins throughout your closet. The bins on upper shelves could be used for items that are not used as frequently or are out of season.

5. Invest in Wooden Hangers

Using one style of hanger maintains unity, eliminates visual clutter, and looks polished. Take your hanger game to the next level by swapping out all your white plastic hangers for wooden hangers with thick shoulders.

6. Add Seating

Closet seating doesn't just look great- it's also very practical. If you have a walk-in closest incorporate an ottoman into the center of the room and if you have a smaller space opt for a stylish chair.

7. Display Scarves & Other Small Items

Display scarves and other small items for ease of access. We find when scarves are tucked away its easy to forget what you've got...especially if you're anything like us and have a scarf obsession.

8. Select Special Lighting

Your closet should be well lit and is the perfect space for a special pendant. Choose a pendant that you love and hang it in the center of the room. If you need additional lighting you could go all out and put in directional mini pot lights around the perimeter of your closet.

9. Designate a Space for Shoes

Nothing screams glam closet more than having a designated space for your shoes. Take your shoe organization to the next level by soring your shoes by style ie. open toed heels, closed toed heels, ankle boots etc...

10. Add an Area Rug

Adding an area rug into your closet adds warmth and another layer of visual interest. Area rugs are easy enough to keep clean and cozy on your feet while getting ready.

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