How to Style your Bar Cart for the Holidays

Tis' the season for entertaining and bar carts are this season's must have item for impressing your guests. Incorporate a few of these decorating tips to wow your guests and keep them coming back for more.

1. Gold Accents make everything feel more festive, so adding gold glasses, shot glasses, and martini shakers is the surest way to get heads turning. If your bar cart has had its time and is ready for a makeover you could even paint it with a can of Rustoleum.

2. Holiday Floral Arrangements are a great way to jazz up your bar cart and introduce a new level of height to the bar-scape. Notice how the items on the tray are arranged from lowest to highest - front to back. The olives are at the front followed by the Caesar fixings in the middle and the ice bucket and floral arrangement at the back.

3. Christmas Decorations like mini trees, stockings, and gifts are a great way to add sparkle and interest to your holiday bar cart. You can also turn your cart into a focal point by placing a decent sized piece of art on your cart.

4. Keep it simple and only display a few bottles along with your holiday decorations and sparkly glasses. This minimalist strategy looks stylish and sophisticated without going overboard.

5. Hot Beverage Stations are fantastic for entertaining guests of all ages.

We love how this cart was styled with the punchy red Keurig, desserts, and accessories. Tip: If you are styling with a visually heavy element like the Keurig you'll need to balance it out with lighter colours like the white ceramic dishes and glass dessert cups below.

We hope that you've enjoyed reading our holiday bar cart decorating tips. For an interior decorating consultation from one of our fabulous designers contact us today. Gift certificates available for all services.

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